"Noche de Tango y Bolero"

Tango and bolero sing love... tonight we will be singing love and dancing love ... in the light of nostalgia!
Tango and bolero go as the night follows the day, as white follows black, and nobody escapes in this game made of constant substitutions. And we hear the undisputable and unmistakable voices and notes of Latin American singers and composers.
It is popular music born on the outskirts of society: in the north the lament of the black slaves in the cotton fields produced jazz; in the south the emigrants’ feelings became tango, erotic and bastard; and in central America, where everything is beaches and moon, a mulatto tailor named Pepe Sanchez wrote in Santiago de Cuba 'Tristezas', the first bolero.
This is the 'noche de tango y bolero' where tango is a scratch and bolero a caress...



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